Tonaya Farm is located in a rural setting.

Horse Boarding 

The Dressage Arena and Jumping arenas have sand footing which is dragged regularly.  A round pen is also available for working horses or allowing your horse a good roll.

Facilities at Tonaya Farm include 2 Arenas: (1) a Jumping Arena with over 14 jumps, and (2) a 20 x 60 meter Dressage Arena, and a Round Pen. Ditchbank trails are accessible right out our driveway.

Shed row stalls (15' x 25') are also available for horses that need a bigger space. Shed row stalls have a run-in 3-sided shed at one end. Turn-out is available for an extra monthly fee ($30), along with blanketing service in winter months.

Tonaya Farm offers a clean and quiet horse boarding facility.  Horses are boarded in a center-aisle barn with runs off each 12 x 12  matted stall.  There are cross-ties, blanket bars, and end doors to shut off the barn in case of high winds.  A secure tack room is located in the barn.  Alfalfa is fed 3 times per day; stalls are cleaned daily, and water is cleaned & refreshed daily.  Grass hay is also available.